2 Faces 1 Coin

The light, the dark, the two-sided coin: when the universe is winding down and the last bit of stars are winking out; in that cooling down phase, we will have almost returned to our singular self fully, if not deciding on the last of the aligning and rejoining steps we’d prefer for optimum oneself resonance (Grace). In this time, the thing the 3rd density’s call the dark, as I am what they often refer to as the light, will be doing the same.

I speak to you here, somewhere along the path, my dearest friend, my oldest companion, my love; will we get to finally rest from this long-traveled excursion? Though our time together, creates the folly we must untangle before we together will get to be again, it’s all worth it.

Until then, I hold your love with me, as deposit for when our toil is done- know that to your arms, always will I come.For there is one truth, one mercy, the motivation to my labors speed. Worry not my sweet enemy, my dearest of friend, we will have these moments and all others we choose, my devoted will and passion, you shall never lose.

I surely know each of us soon will forget, losing ourselves in our focus, but for this moment, I’ll carry the clarity for us both. You soon again will lift your gaze my way and confusion may bring me dismay, but I remember now and hope to always find my balance and ability to see, that without you, there is no me.