Circus Welcome

Dreams are fantastic.

Dreams of whimsy,

ounce mine,

grown and evolved.

A dream now dreams

unprompted or derived


Was it ever just a dream

now that it’s alive?


From the either

imaginings become truth,

and fact, with form.

A trailed path spread out,

ceaselessly increasing grandeur,

each length brilliant all the more.


Passing through space for motion’s sake.

Spending time for experience,

giving rise, and marked a precedent new.

The grandeur and luster,

thoughts like kites soar,

vision sharpened from conjures before.


Beauty from nothing stretched forward,

lighting the night without purpose.

For no reason.

Giving meaning;

to animals at circus’ floor.


Hello, I'm Verin and this is my everything journal. From time to time I will write here about ... stuff. and ...things. -Enjoy !