Digital Citizen

As we continue our build out of the internet, it’s easily overlooked that its proper utilization can be lost on most; academia has been attempting to remedy this. The contributors at Wikipedia have even attempted to help the subject growth (Contributors 2006). Recent years has seen an increase in the study of how to study and a portion of education is now dedicated to the development of students understanding and utilization of information and has been drawn together and termed digital literacy. The topic of digital literacy pushes us to identify not only the tools available for institutional purposes but also those we personally utilize and our habits regarding their use. The scope of digital literacy has become so large that many are reframing the idea and redefining it as metaliteracy (Collaboration 2022). The development of every individual’s ability to consume and share information in a discerning and responsible manner has recently been coined the term digital citizenship, as so much of our everyday lives take place online.

            In my studies I use much of the same tools as everyone else. I use a computer with a word processor and an internet connection. I use these tools for note taking, email communications, to access Moodle for instruction and the search engine google to conduct research. As a web developer, I have the need to stay current on technology as it is developed but some tools, I use more often than others. I enjoy the redundancy of PHP and the interoperability of Nodejs and for aesthetics I use CSS and its many redevelopments. Aside from development tools I use cloud storage and emulation instances to save time and space on my machine as well as have my own contingency for when my creativity goes pear shaped and everything crashes. As a REALTOR, I use the social media for reaching prospective customers and staying relevant for clients. I also utilize Matrix for adding information to the Multiple Listing Service and to do relevant research for locating desirable properties. I imagine that is the make-up of my personal digital citizenship.