We’ve all heard it countless times, yet still after all these years I still encounter people who don’t know what the internet of things is. On a few occasions, I’ve spoken with people that aren’t even familiar with the term ioT… …so I’d like to put it simply: The internet of THINGS is just like the internet for us (a means by which we can locate, access, utilize, share and store information), but for our things. The idea that our devices and systems would have the same privileges and abilities as us started less complicated in theory, but like getting everyone online took time and development, so too will the internet of things. We’ve been working on it, and intend to continue.


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From My Journal:

What if our dreams no longer needed us?

A beautiful bit of an idea with the right medium can turn the most unsuspecting person or unlikely prospect into an authority at any given moment of any day; inversely we know a simple oversight can, at the wrong moment, have the opposite effect.

What goes up must go down, one may say.

The internet of things is a fun name.

The ecosystem of natural communication, grown outside itself.

We the users and creators are keeping step as best we know how.

Our generation is the one writing the book as we go. Negotiating the latter of the preparedness and future-ready familiarity the millennial’s buzzing about have grown up with, or the striving to the stars, investigation, and assertion that the boomers brought to the table.

We’re creating a conduit for the future to progress

-Without Harm-

As best we can.

From the floppy disk to the cloud we’ve kept in step.

This is the ecosystem of communication. Our mode of transit is the internet.

The internet isn’t as mindful as it should be.

Now it can be.

Our long-ago Jetson’s dream of a tech-savvy future is here; equip with on demand in home … …anything really. 3d printing, virtual reality, and by the ticket space travel.

We achieved our dreams, and as luck would have it, our dreams still need us.

And so The Internet of Things was born.

The dreams we had once realized became unnecessary once achieved. The graveyard of devices we now so callously leave in a drawer or on a shelf can do even more for us than we have time to communicate, and we simply haven’t time to communicate everything.

That won’t stop us.

So what if our dreams had dreams of their own?



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