The Vote Rocked Us

Some of us remember the "Rock the Vote" champaign. Even though that programs been discontinued, perhaps we're seeing it's legacy.

I was talking with a friend of mine about social programming. The thing is even raising a child is programing; it’s all social programming. If anybody thought that we weren’t being programed, they’re sadly mistaken. The trick is knowing; that’s half of the battle. Once you know they’re trying to advertise or push an idea to you, then you’re free to make your own choice. The questions are, are we stronger than the programs, how do our values relate to what we’re being sold, and how is what we’re being told is true different from what we believe is true.

I think, this last round of national elections said more than I ever could on the subject. The programming isn’t all there is. The nameless “they” tried everything. They tried to restrict access to the polls, they tried to throw out valid ballots, they tried to take away voting rights and they still lost. They tried spreading misinformation and out right lies, they went to the courts, they appealed to the less equipped among us for support, they tried bullying, intimidation and threats and in the end it didn’t work.

I think no other time in history better than now, could possibly illustrate the importance of voting and the truth that every single vote matters. Hopefully this will show the brain trust of leadership in the GOP that you shouldn’t run a lunatic because you’re afraid of losing to a girl.