Why We Do

Why we do what we do, is often a mystery even to ourselves.

Why do we

We owe so much of ourselves our future self … everything before we were even born.

The tech barrels ahead and our hearts lag behind, owing more from when were nothing than we could possibly ever pay.

What society is it that all pursuit in life is directed at an end that is not inherently your own.

Why are there no greats anymore? The precious few Greats, occupying the few areanas left for greatness to even be tolerated in the slightes, are so small with an ever decreasing threshold, that if you are one of the greats wouldn’t you actually be more just and dignified in not walking that very very fine line?

The greats are being demeaned and the Beverly hillbillies are in the White House. Congratulations pandering masses, you proved once again that only ignorant people are breeding. what will the greats be in the future?

The saddest thing about this new oval office occupant is that he too could have been one of the greats, but instead he’ll only ever be that white trash president who will grace history only as a footnote bereft of the comic relief that came with the Clampett’s.